XR Education Platform

On our XR Education Platform you will find high quality VR Experiences in terms of aesthetics and content. We attach great importance to socially relevant topics that make you think and open up a new perspective on our world. In addition to a high entertainment value, our content is also suitable for teaching. 

Our content ranges from child-friendly experiences for introductory media education from elementary school age up to impressive experiences for teenagers and adults.

VR Experiences and 360° content can take young and old explorers to places that would hardly or not at all be accessible in reality. They can immerse you in the macro- or microcosm and thus make the incomprehensible tangible. Even visions of the future can be experienced – or a journey into the past to better understand historical contexts.

Interactive elements make it possible to playfully discover new topics or try out new behaviors.

At the same time, VR Experiences offer the opportunity to experience content with even more senses – the learning success is up to 70% higher than with other media, since content is not simply received but really experienced! 

We are constantly expanding our offering and incorporating results from user testing and learning research. 

Please contact us if you are interested in a specific experience and would like to know more – or if you have specific requests for new content. 


Own Projects

Header image of the Cabinets of Wonder VR experience, showing a young boy steering a raft in a virtual jungle.

Cabinets of Wonder

interactive VR for Kids

In Cabinets of Wonder four children take us into their inner world and show us their secrets and desires – an adventurous journey about friendship, belonging and love but also about fear, exclusion and pressure of expectations.

A Ride in 2049

interactive VR about our future cities

In this VR experience, users experience the year 2049 as a virtual tour of Frankfurt, Chicago and Los Angeles. Future mobility is the central framework and shows how profoundly and comprehensively computer-controlled vehicles will shape our cities of the future.

Header image of the A Ride in 2049 VR experience, showing a future city-skyline.

Biosphere VR

A woman holding two stones at a rocky beach in Kiribati.

Kiribati – My Drowning Island

360° immersive film

Kiribati is one of the lowest places on earth and therefore threatened by rising sea levels. In this 360° Experience, the president and climate activist Anote Tong shows his island and the problems the people are facing.

Morocco – Saving My oasis

360° immersive film

M’Hamid El Ghizlane, the river has dried up, the palm trees are dying, and a thick layer of sand lies over the houses. Halim Sbai fights for his hometown and educates about the problem of desertification.

Two persons sitting on a dune in Marocco.
A city skyline covered with smog in China.

China – Mist over Bejing

360° immersive film

Dr. Zhou, a medical doctor suffering from lung cancer, talks to his son in Experience about the effects of air pollution in major Chinese cities like Beijing. The smog can have serious consequences for health – as in his case.

Ethiopia – Hot Coffee in Ethiopia

360° immersive film

Due to climate change, many coffee farmers in Ethiopia are forced to switch to growing the narcotic plant khat. Many people children – are addicted. A small group of farmers and teachers want to bring back traditional coffee cultivation.

A man chewing on a leaf in Ethopia.
A man on a bicycle driving on a road in the jordanian desert.

Jordan – My Drying Farm

360° immersive film

Jordan’s fields continue to dry out and the government looks on. Umbekka faces an almost impossible task to survive.


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