China – Mist Over Bejing

360° immersive film

On Nasa’s recent satellite photos you can see how much China’s capital city suffers from pollution. Even today, when the Chinese government has issued a war on polluters to reach the “blue skies” under a blanket of smog, ordinary people persist to have no say when it comes to the high levels of pollution. On bad days, babies are kept indoors and people do not leave their home unless they face desperate circumstances.

In this VR experience, you get very close to doctor Zhu, a distinguished Chinese master of medicine, who for a long time was a part of the system. One day he found out that he had lung cancer. Dr Zhu researches his story and connects his state with the pollution that has been severe in the capital for many years. He goes into a dialogue with his son about the future. Only six months after this recording Dr Zhu, unfortunately, passed away. He wanted to tell this important story despite the dangers of speaking the truth. This experience is for him and his family. RIP.

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A city skyline covered with smog in China.