Ethiopia – Hot Coffee In Ethiopia

360° immersive film

Ethiopia is home to the first coffee in the World. Ever since the 8th century, it has been served in Jimma and exported as some of the best coffee around. This is partly due to the small farms and most farms are organic. Furthermore, all coffee in the region is grown under shade trees.
Recently global warming has resulted in dying coffee plants. Many coffee plants experience so-called cholera diseases. When this happens the farmers cut everything down. Instead, they grow the narcotic khat which can be harvested twice a year. But things are changing. After many farmers made the conversion many people including kids of 4 years go around all day being high on khat. It is out of control. Being school teachers on the side, a small group of farmers can’t stand to see the change. They want to bring back the coffee traditions at any cost. But first, they must stop using Khat themselves.

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A man chewing on a leaf in Ethopia.