Kiribati – My Drowning Island

360° immersive film

In this VR Experience the viewer follows the former president of Kiribati Anote Tong who takes you along for a view of his home land. Tong is a world-renowned leader in the battles against climate change and for ocean conservation. Kiribati is an island in the south pacific, the lowest-lying place on Earth and the most vulnerable because the smallest rise in sea levels will be felt here. The irony: the threat comes from the ice caps melting in the Arctic. So in a way, it comes from you and me. During his three terms as President of the Republic of Kiribati Tong was forced to confront an extraordinary challenge and a bleak, all-but-unthinkable future for his compatriots: Kiribati is quickly disappearing beneath the waves due to climate change, and the entire population may need to resettle. He speaks with quiet dignity and unwavering conviction to scientists, politicians, industrialists and schoolchildren all over the world and wherever he speaks, his message is consistent: the fate of Kiribati is the fate of the world.

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A woman holding two stones at a rocky beach in Kiribati.